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hi my name is panka and i like bands

That’s not a dream. A dream is something that fills up the emptiness inside. The one thing that you know, if it came true, all the hurt would go away. You singing ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’ in front of a sold-out crowd is not a fantasy. It’s an inevitability.

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In all the world there were but three living dragons, and those were hers; they were a wonder, and a terror, and beyond price.

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"I will always remember when the Doctor was me"

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a good response to the question “how old are you?” is something along the lines of “dunno i stopped counting after the first few centuries”

and it needs to be said seriously without smiling or humor or as casually as possible and followed by “so anyway” and a subject change as if it’s completely normal

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anonymous and emmaduerres asked you: luna lovegood or hermione granger?

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I swear to God this show is fucking gold in every way.

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Alli Trippy is a strong fucking human being, and she deserves nothing but support from the CTFxC fanbase.

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I fucking love Allison Rose Trippy.

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The Two Biggest Rules of the CTFxC: 

  • Don’t say the “C” word
  • Don’t say the “D” word
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Charles and Alli

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I call everyone “dude” so don’t be offended if I say it to you and you’re not actually a dude.

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But, it will be better for both of us. I think. I really— I truly believe that we will both be absolutely fine. Uhm, and i’m happy that we’re going to be happy.


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'Sup Dimas?

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All Time Low discography
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